Meet Co-founder & Executive Chef Jazz West!

Meet Co-founder & Executive Chef Jazz West!

Many of us have been asked as children, “What do you want to be when you get older?”

All of our experiences shape who we are and influence the choices we make in life, including what career we select. But, I always thought, why just choose a career when you can choose your passion?

I realized at a very early age food was something I thoroughly enjoyed; it brought the people I love together to make lasting memories and it gave me the opportunity to express my creativity in ways that other hobbies just did not.

As such, I decided that my passion would become my career and I would become a chef. In 2015, I got my Bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts Management with a concentration in Farm-To-Table from The Culinary Institute of America.

As much as I loved cooking and learning about the restaurant and food industry, I became keenly aware of how easy it was for young people, like myself, to eat foods that were just simply put, “unhealthy” in so many ways. I saw how hard it was to eat sustainably.

There were not many (if any) options in my community that gave me the chance to eat in a sustainable way and minimize my eco-footprint.

It was not until July of 2018, when I decided that I would open a business that would provide the delicious, nourishing, and sustaining life force in my community that was so difficult to find.

As someone who has lost weight along their personal fitness journey and is still able to enjoy the food that makes them happy - I am beyond thrilled that Fitness Feasts is able to marry the two for others; all while giving back to our community and environment! 

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