So last week we talked about INTERMITTENT FASTING - the response was so overwhelmingly interactive we had to shed more light on the topic!

Today we'll be talking about how you can APPLY intermittent fasting for weight-loss.

The recipe is pretty simple actually - get in the mindset of using intermittent fasting as a tool more-so than the "strict guidelines" that rob all the fun.

When it comes to weight loss in general, caloric deficit is key.  

What is caloric deficit? 

Think of it like a gas tank (our body) that shrunk if you only ever filled it up 3/4 of the way. 

Now, obviously gas tanks don't shrink!

But we do. ;)

The mindset I'm trying to convey is that if we restrict our fuel, unlike the gas tank in a car, our bodies will adjust for new calorie requirements - enter weight-loss. 

Your body at its current state needs a specific amount of calories to maintain current bodyweight. 

If you consistently consume less than that specific calorie amount, you will lose weight. 

It's that simple. 

We see this in extreme cases with anorexia - therefore, as a personal trainer I will likely not subscribe this eating plan to somebody that has previously been anorexic. 

So when it comes to using intermittent fasting as a tool for weight loss, its all about the timing.

Restructuring your eating schedule to align with both your exercise schedule and work schedule. 

Failing to optimize intermittent fasting for both your work and exercise is a sure fire way to not make this eating habit effective. 

Time your fast to end RIGHT AFTER you workout. 

Personally, I'm not an advocate for fasted STEADY STATE cardio (LISS).

I AM an advocate for fasted HIGH INTENSITY cardio (HIIT), or any other type of resistance training for that matter. 

The demands placed on the human body in HIIT and other resistance training MULTIPLIES the effectiveness of intermittent fasting. 

Not just scientifically, but based on our brains REWARD system, I've seen great results from clients that muscle through workouts exhausted and get to IMMEDIATELY have a big post-workout meal after their workout - a "treat yoself" mentality goes a LONG way when it comes to the sustainability of health and wellness programs. 

For more details on intermittent fasting check out our TOC Tuesday from last week, where we go over the different fasting windows you can implore today!

In the upcoming weeks we will be talking much more about the effects of intermittent fasting in accordance with different kinds of fitness goals. 

Thanks for reading guys! :)



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