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Lean out

Abs are made in the kitchen? We would argue abs are made with this menu.

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Eat less carbs

Do you want to make watching your carbs easier? Well look no further, this menu is designed to put carb-management on autopilot.

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Eat plant-based

Whether you’re planet-conscious or trend-conscious, we’ve got at least 2 (or tree) cruelty-free meals calling your name.

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Build more muscle

Gaining weight proving harder than 2020? We’ve got a menu for that. Click below for your much needed mass.

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Reduce inflammation

Feeling puffy & bloated? We go all-in on whole ingredients for this menu to help you get inflammation in check.

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"Fitness Feasts gives you your time back with each delivery of chef prepared meals."

We handle the meal-planning, shopping, & cooking so you can train hard and leave the hard work of meal prep to us.

Balsamic SteakBlack Bean Chicken BurgerBraised Chicken Stuffed PotatoFajita Stuffed PeppersH&K Black Salmon

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Help YOU live freely

We work hard to design meals you can trust so you can live life to the fullest.

Don't take our word for it


We LOVE Fitness Feasts! Perfect for our family of 4 - there's something for everyone.

Lauren S.

Aldie, VA


Fitness Feasts gets me right for my fights! Quick, easy, and tasty. Plus my energy is always on point!

Louis Conde | Pro MMA Fighter

Las Vegas, NV


We've been doing Fitness Feasts since the new year and they've been an absolute game-changer for the whole family! Even my elderly mother is asking for FF now.

Traci P.

Purcelville, VA


I work 9-5 and wake up for the gym at 5am... I don't have time to prep or even stop for food most days. Fitness Feasts solves this problem and then some! I'm

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Los Angeles, CA


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Los Angeles, CA


Instantly increase your NET worth

Would you buy a supercar and not put quality fuel in the tank? Food is fuel. When you eat better, you work better. When you work better... you know the rest.

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